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Megan was born in northern California, but her time there was brief. Her family ventured to several states during her youth, including: Nevada, Maryland, Arizona, and Colorado. The youngest of three kids, her flare for drama surfaced by age three when she told her parents she wanted to be an actress and refused to appear in public without her pink tutu.

Growing up she was fascinated and inspired by classic films and their actors, especially MGM musicals. She was probably the only twelve year old who scouted the TV Guide every Sunday to see which movies from AMC she wanted to record and delight in throughout the week. She even asked for TCM for Christmas because she felt that they had a better choice of Judy Garland, Betty Grable, and Doris Day films. These movies motivated her to get serious about tap dancing and singing, and most of her after school hours were dedicated to lessons and practicing. Developing her talents turned her into a bonafide "Theatre Geek," and she graced her high school stage with pride and excitement!

After high-school she left her family in Colorado and moved to Southern California to pursue her life-long love of acting. She attended University of CA, Irvine where she studied acting and musical theatre. It was here that she began doing improv and sketch comedy. Within 3 years she graduated and headed up to LA to start a TV/Film career.

Once in LA, she began to perform at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre (UCB), mainly in there musical shows, specifically Matt Besser's show "The Freak Dance." "Freak Dance" has since become an indie feature film. She also wrote/produced her own web series "Hollywood Taffy." Once she became more seasoned she began appearing on TV in several Guest Starring roles. She is still performing at UCB and grateful to be living her dreams in LA.